NYC Car Free Streets

This is a major win for bicycles in the big apple, perhaps a proving ground for things to come: Emulating similar experiments in Paris, London, and Bogotá, Colombia, New York City will close off to traffic a 6.9-mile route from the Brooklyn Bridge to East 72nd Street on three consecutive Saturdays, giving New Yorkers to…

Airlines’ Cuts Making Cities No-Fly Zones – New York Times

Small are cities losing access to air travel, IN SPITE OF THE FACT that the government is subsidizing them to serve these small, non-profitable markets. How about subsidizing Amtrak instead? Airlines’ Cuts Making Cities No-Fly Zones – New York Times

Stay hydrated without destroying the planet

Drugs in our tap water?  Don’t run out and buy bottled water.  read this article from the NY Times, and then make sure you read the counter arguement.  Want to make a big difference?  Don’t take unneccesary drugs, don’t dump them in the toilet, and know that you breathe far more toxic chemicals from coal…

Green News in the Jewish World

The Jewish Journal, a magazine dedicated to Jewish Life in  Los Angeles, is focusing on living green in their most recent issue.  Check it out – with tips for those living Jewishly and those of other faiths as well. Home Page