U.S. Plans Steps to Ease Congestion at Airports – New York Times

Here’s an the deal:  American’s are flying alot, and the airport-system was not designed to handle this much air traffic.  Therefore, there needs to be a solution to “de-congest” some of the major arteries of the air-traffic system.  I see two solutions: Eliminate the 40 Billion dollar a year subsidy for airlines, and use that…

FSU Project

This coming April, during Pesach, over 30 rabbinical, cantorial, and education students are going to the Former Soviet Union to help bring the mitzvah of Pesach to many small communites. I will be going to Tula-Krasnodar, Russia (see the map below – that big city is Moscow). View Map

Mauritania – Carrying Sand

IMG_3957.JPG, originally uploaded by swimfast. In a small village in the Southeast, we encountered these kids carrying sand to the their house, where it will be combined with water to create plaster.