Planting for the Future by Counting our Blessings Today

Rosh Hashanah 5783 – 2022 “How awesome is this place – מַה־נּוֹרָ֖א הַמָּק֣וֹם הַזֶּ֑ה!” (Ma Norah HaMakom HaZeh!) It is awesome to see everyone, we are so glad that you are here both in person and online. In our Torah we find Jacob, wary from a long journey, seeking a comfortable place to rest. He…

The Power of Community

“The essence of the minyan is the reciprocity of the social contract – the shared obligation that binds all ten individuals to one another, transforming them from a number of individuals into a community.”

Our modern minyan causes us to create more than a congregation, it helps us to form community

Community Allows us to Overcome our Adversity

We all experience personal struggle, the tension between expectation and reality because life is not perfect. No matter how hard we work, at our jobs, our families, our relationships, or at our faith, we all struggle when any aspect of life does not go as we had planned. We need others to help us through adversity. Our community, whether it consists of our family, friends, or our congregation, helps us overcome the challenge we face in our lives.

Leading a Values-based Life

I am standing in the middle of Cherry Creek State Park on a beautiful morning.  I look west toward the mountains which sit enveloped in a summer haze.  The green trees in the distance rustle in the wind.  I pick up a shell from my pocket and drop it in the lower barrel of the…