Counting Everyone in Society – Ban the Box

What and how we count figures into our lives every day…. Every time someone is profiled and arrested we perpetuate a cycle in which 1 in 3 black men are removed from society and their children are left with single moms and the streets. For the rest of their lives we stop counting them….God commands us to count people and reminds us that all people are created b’tzelem Elohim, in God’s image. On this Shabbat, this Shavuot, and this Memorial Day, we must work harder to count everyone in our society. Every member of our community, every member of our city, and every member of country.

Sermon – We are all created in God’s Image

The time for Marriage Equality is now.  Take action: Join the Human Rights Campaign. Call your state and federal represenatives. Stand up for equality by treating others with kindness and respect. Be vocal about your support for equal rights for ALL people. Read or Listen to my sermon: Rabbi Immerman’s Sermon on Marriage Equality