A Real Sand Trap

I haven’t posted in a while, and I haven’t taken many pictures as of late, sorry to those looking. For the last week I have been living in Tel Aviv, walking, sitting by the beach, biking, eating, and enjoying the never ending Tel Aviv nightlife. Now for the bike ride…

Yesterday I spent a few hours online looking for stuff to do. Anything. Classes, job opportunities, and of course bike rides. I did most of my searching on Taanglo (a Yahoo group) that caters to the Anglo population in Tel Aviv. While quite unsuccessful in the job arena, I did find a group of people with whom to bike.

Six of us met at the Arlozorov Bus/Train Station on Shabbat morning and embarked on a 45km ride. We started in HaYarkon Park which runs along the HaYarkon River and then headed northwest towards Rosh Haayin. After about 10km we left the pavement and were riding on the parched dusty and sandy trail. There were several times when the trail was so sandy (native soil in this area) that we had to get off and walk. It was the same trail that we rode on during the Ride 4 Reform 2006. Eventually we turned away from the river and were riding through orchards of oranges and grapefruit.

We took a ten minute break at the peak of our journey to pick a grapefruit from a tree and enjoy the sweetness that can only be had at that stage in it’s life, untouched by Human hands. We headed back towards the river and park and took a twenty minute break in the shade of a tree eating Lavana (cheese) on Pita.

It was very nice to find fellow Tel Aviv (ians) who shared a same passion for biking and have people to talk with during the ride. I am looking forward to next Saturday when we will hopefully ride all the way to Rosh Haayin.

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