It only takes one… (Tiyul entry #1)


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IMG_3704.JPG, originally uploaded by swimfast.

So we went on this amazing tiyul (trip) with ulpan. We were hiking in bizentine era underground aqueducts, small hikes to visit Rotchild’s tomb, and wandering around Zikron Yaakov. We walked into this synagogue (pictured left).

What is the first thing you noticed? The second? If you said “compact fluorescent light (cfl) bulb” then you win. This orthodox synagogue, complete with a seperate area for women upstairs (I’m all for egalitarian t’filah – prayer) converted 100% of their light bulbs to cfl, and were even using mostly natural light when we were there during the day.

So get inspired. Go buy at least one cfl and change an old incandescent. save the world.

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