Why I Ride 4 Reform


I just had the most amazing conversation with a secular Israeli, one who has denounced all religion.  As we began our drive, he started asking me questions about why I wanted to be a rabbi.  This, like all of these conversations with Israeli’s turns to a discussion and explanation of Reform Judaism.

As we passed through a checkpoint on the highway from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv, he told me of his (now extinct) master plan to marry someone non-Jewish, and teach his childern to do the same until his lineage was devoid of religion.  As I continued to explain my views and the principles of Reform Judaism, he became more intrigued.

We discussed the halacha (traditions), the mitzvot (commandments), and even what it means to want to live in the Diaspora (Jews not living in Israel).

As he dropped me off in Tel Aviv we agreed that we had just had a great conversation.  He is moving to New York in two weeks and asked me to send him the names of some Reform Synagogues in the big apple, because he is now thinking about trying it out.

There is a definite place for Reform (progressive) Judaism in Israel.

Thank you again to everyone who sponsored me on this and last years Ride 4 Reform.  You are helping to bring Reform Judaism to Israel.

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