David Broza sunrise concert at Massada

Wow, originally uploaded by swimfast.

It’s three in the morning, all lights have been turned off. We have arrived after driving three hours from Jerusalem to Masada. The venue is intimate, not more than a few hundred people. David Broza comes on stage in the darkness and the crowd erupts. A bright white light shines from behind making the guitarist into a silhouette. A few minutes of gentle guitar playing, and then BAM – stage lights come on, a crown is emitted from the top of Masada, and the whole mountain side is encased in colored lights.

This isn’t just any mountain, this is where a large group of Jews came to escape the persecution of the Romans and lived, in the middle of the desert, for two years before committing mass suicide when it was clear the Roman’s were approaching.

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Rabbinical School orientation, take 1.

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