IMG_4220.JPG, originally uploaded by swimfast.

The road trip went to Egypt this past week. Egypt is a fantasy land for most people, with the Pyramids, temples, tombs, river that flows up, and a city with 20 million people. I must say that it did not disappoint.

Friday: Cairo Train Station, Alexandria, Fort
Saturday: Alexandria, Catacombs (creepy), good food, train to Cairo, Sunday: Pyramids and Giza, dinner, dancing and sheesha on a boat on the nile, overnight train to Luxor
Monday: Luxor Temple, Karnak Temple (largest in the world), more food
Tuesday: Valley of the kings (Tuthmosis III, Ramses II, 1 other, Valley of the Nobles, Felluca (sailboat) ride on the Nile, overnight train to Cairo
Wednesday: Egypt Museum, Cafe in Zamelek
Thursday: Coptic Cairo, Zamelek for lunch, Islamic Cairo for walk and Dinner

Check the pictures as always and a few more details will emerge this week. E-mail for complete story.

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