Greenwashing 101 – close but not close enough

IMG_0104, originally uploaded by swimfast.

Ride 4 Reform was great. We stayed at an amazing hotel near Maktesh Ramon (a crater), where I spotted this sign. It says that Isrotel preserves the quality of the environment.

It continues to say that they use cleaning materials that damage the environment, so that if I hang my towels up it will be helping to keep some of those chemicals out of the system, my water, my air, my earth.

I couldn’t help but wonder why they didn’t just switch to cleaning products that are not bad for the environment, bad for my skin, water, air, and my earth. Makes one wonder….

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  1. Perhaps it is not cost-effective for them to do what you suggest, but what is described on the card is feasible fro them to do. We all do what we can.

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