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Time and time again I just can’t seem to understand why people are content keeping their lives at a sub-standard level.  Whether it’s feeling useless as a counselor, paying outrageous sums of money to be stuck in a traffic jam, or wasting hours getting strip searched and seal yourself inside of an aluminum tube, people need to break out of this mold.

The Europeans have figured it out, a long time ago, investing heavily in a train system that allows them to enjoy the ride home, in far less time that it would take to drive or fly, while saving money and doing far less damage to the environment.  The train can become the happy hour bar, a place to relax and watch the countryside, or catch up on that great novel that you can’t put down.

The government is currently pouring 14 times as much money into airlines (a private business) than into Amtrak (a public utility), not to mention highway repairs.  We have options, we just need to implement them.  Call or e-mail your representatives and demand a better way of travel.

Sure It’s Frustrating and Expensive, but Travelers Just Have to Travel via New York Times

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