Virtual Learning

Above you is what it looks like when our teacher goes to write on the virtual whiteboard in our new e-learning classroom.  I’m not writing this post because I find this facinating, but because video-conferencing is one major way to reduce the carbon footprint of schools and businesses.  Today, we had our first vitual lesson.  A teacher in New York sat in their virtual classroom and taught our class from 2,500 miles away.  We saw her in [almost] perfect clarity, and interacting with her as though she was sitting in our room.  The white board allowed her to draw and use a white board in NY and it appeared as though she was wriitng in our classroom.  She was able to convert the screen into a power point presentation.

The technology is not perfect, sometiemes the video was blurry, and the tech guy stuck around to make sure there weren’t any hookups, but it was very cool.  Yes, there was something lost in the dialogue between the teacher and students, but I could definately make it through a class where this was the norm.  And it’s a lot cheaper than flying a guest teacher accross the country our world, and she gets to go home to her family and night.  This saves a lot of energy in transportation costs.  A great use of technology for added learning and reduced carbon – my perfect class.

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