An Environmentalist’s (and Human’s) nightmere

Like a bad dream, as the plane approached LA I looked out of my window to see a thick cloud of pollution hovering over the city.  Out my window I could barely see the groud, the mountains, the cars, the buildings.  Normally, this is OK.  The plane will descend below the clouds, everything will clear up, and life will go on.  But this was not normal.

The multitudes of fires have encased the city in a thick blanket of smoke.  As I disembarked from the plane I could taste the particulate matter entering my lungs, I could smell the fire in the air, and I could see that the sunlight was restricted.

As I drove home, through the oil fields pumping so we can continue quenching our thirst for oil, it just made me sad.  Our world is in peril and we are only making it worse, let alone taking steps to help it.

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