Israel Baseball League

Baseball GAme 

I borded a bus, went to kibbutz Gezer, about 30 min outside of Jerusalem. I had played at this field before for softball, but this time I was here to watch the Israel Baseball League, comprised of Americans and Israeli’s. It was very informal and cheap – the way that baseball was intended to be. Watch the movie field of dreams, and then imagine the movie coming to life. The baseball field is actually cut out of the fields of grain, and whenever a foul ball was hit five kids and teens would pop up and run for the prized ball. The Beit Shemesh Blue Sox took the game in the full seven innings, complete with a fifth inning stretch.

Following the game I was invited back to the home of a kibbutznik and his wife, who is the Progressive Rabbi for the kibbutz. As they are both trained chefs, the meal was amazing. After the meal, we walked to the garden and picked fresh herbs for the most delicious tea that I have ever imbibed. It was definitely a night of a full Israeli experience.

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  1. peaceintheskies says:

    Boy what a great description. Completely accurate. I am going tonite. I was going to go.. now I have to. Just a few more games of the season!

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