An overview of Food Price Increases


In Kita Daled, we listen to the news every Monday morning.  Kobi Barkai tells us the headlines: Olmert and Abu Mazen are meeting, Syria wants to kill us all, Syria wants to make peace, Bush thinks he has all of the answers, the strike continues, the strike ends, and of course the weather.

Recently, we started hearing about the price of bread increasing along with many other staple produce items.  People in the class ask: “Why?”  I have compiled some links thanks which will shed some light on why your sandwhich is now twice the price (and don’t forget the fact that it has to be transported = oil):

this is not new, and was forseen

it effects everything we eat

why they are going up so quickly

an anlysis of the issue with some great links to major news sources

finally, even government subsidizing isn’t paying enough anymore

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