Prayer for Peace for all who live in Israel/Palestine

I gave this prayer to conclude a JStreet event at Temple Emanuel on 12/18/2014:

Avinu Shebashamayim, God who is in Heaven, may You guide our hands to work towards creating peace in Israel/Palestine for all who dwell there.  May you intend our minds and hearts to work towards peace together with all who seek peace in the land.  May we one day realize a time when the Land of Israel, which You promised to your servant Abraham, is truly a place where all of Abraham’s descendants can realize their dream for sovereignty and prosperity while living side by side one another.  We ask for the strength to reconcile with our both our Jewish and non-Jewish brothers and sisters whom we have hurt and who have hurt us over many years and the ability to heal our fractured community.

We find inspiration for reconciliation in the story of Joseph whose brothers cast him off into slavery.  Yet when his brothers needed him most, Joseph found the inner strength, compassion and humility to embrace his brothers, demonstrating that forgiveness is possible even during the darkest times.  Tonight as we light the third candle of Channukah, we pray that the light of hope for peace in the land shines brightly into the darkest crevices of our world.  May we all witness a time when we will spin our dreidals and confirm nes gado haya sham, a great miracle happened there.  We will speak both of the miracle of the rededication of the Temple, and the dedication of modern day peace and sovereignty for all who live in the land of Israel and Palestine.

Ken yi’hi ratzon, may it be Your will.

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