Opening Prayer for the Colorado State Senate

IMG_0359On January 30, 2015 I delivered the following prayer at the opening of Colorado State Senate:

Makor Chayyim, Source of all life, we arrive at this moment filled with gratitude, awe, and anticipation.

With gratitude we arrive in this sacred chamber each morning.  We give thanks for the opportunity to make our great State of Colorado a beacon of justice within her boarders as together we serve those who call Colorado their home.  We thank you for the ability to join with our colleagues who share our goals of liberty, prosperity and justice while truly listening to the voices of the people.

We stand with awe when we realize the task before us and we ask your help to guide our hearts and minds to the best solutions for the challenges that lie in front of us.  While the task may be daunting, we know that through understanding and compromise we can accomplish our objectives together.  We know that we stand upon the shoulders of all of those who came before us and that our actions can transform communities and lives.

With great anticipation we gather today to discuss and debate the laws that shape Colorado.  We pray that these laws, intended to uphold our constitution, reflect our most important values.  These values of liberty, tranquility and justice lead our minds to accept our mission and make positive change in our state.

May we lead the State of Colorado with good will and good heart, ken y’hi ratzon, may it be your will.


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